Belief Conflict Integration on a Timeline

This process is a variation of the Visual Squash to integrate conflicting beliefs.

1.  Elicit and externalise the explorer’s timeline. Create a safe Meta position.

2.  Ask the explorer to consider the beliefs, which are conflicting and to decide which one to work with first, knowing that you will return to the other shortly.

3.  Using your timeline skills, help the explorer to identify the origin of the belief on the timeline. Elicit how the explorer represents the belief by helping them to associate into that point on the timeline.

4.  Repeat step 3 with the other belief.

5.  Standing in the belief you worked with first, turn to the other belief and allow the explorer to introduce them to the other belief. Then go to the other belief and repeat. Notice the different physiologies of the beliefs. There may be distrust initially.

6.  Elicit the positive intent of each of the beliefs, chunking up. The Explorer then shares the skills each of the beliefs has to offer in achieving the identified mutually beneficial outcome.

7.  Go back to the moment of birth, having this outcome and allow the Explorer to walk through time to the present, through the conflicting beliefs, noticing how they are now integrated and            supportive.